Fluffy Touch - We offers Pet Grooming and Pet Training Services at Home in Delhi-NCR

Meet Mr. Ashish Bhadauriya who turned his love for animals into a successful pet grooming and care business www.fluffytouch.in. He is also alone feeding 30+ street dogs daily in Noida.


Fluffy Touch
(A venture of Bhumu India Pvt. Ltd.)

We are based in Noida and come up with pets (Dog & Cat) Grooming and care services. Most of the families buy dogs as a status symbol or due to alone-less at home, But they have limited knowledge or they are not able to give them proper grooming and bath due to this many of the pets healthcare leads to down (illness), To address this issue FluffyTouch launches proper grooming and care services to pets in Delhi NCR.

We provide doorstep services for grooming and pet care starting at Rs.999/- ONLY. Currently a team of 10, most of whom are either pet parents or pet lovers, FluffyTouch aim to bring the best practices in pet care and grooming sector We plan to open at least 1 salons in every city across the country.

About Us

FluffyTouch is aim to groom and care your pets in Delhi NCR We have a dedicated trained and expert team to give a best services to your pet at your doorstep We always care pets like baby We focus "Pets are to be treated with care and gentle handling" Our groomers want your pet to feel fabulous as well as look it.

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